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HD Interactive Display Solution Provides Stellar Images

At this major university’s astronomy department, to “reach for the stars” is far more than a slogan, it’s a mission statement. With a renowned observatory and telescope, the university is a leading center for space research and discovery. Students participate in a leading astronomy academic program and the department boasts the largest graduate program in the field, populated by students with extraordinary academic credentials.

MicroAge’s Michael Zitar and Chris Pirwitz were invited to provide an interactive display solution for astronomy and physics faculty conference rooms. The observatory’s IT manager was unsure of whether white boards or smart boards were preferable; so Michael and Chris demonstrated both technologies on site, giving users the chance to explore their features. As department members tested the technology, the Sharp interactive white board approach won out, specifically the self-contained Sharp 70-inch Aquos Board. Its high brightness, high definition, and multi-use touch display with presentation functionality made it the obvious choice. Michael states, “We kept the client’s objectives in mind when we researched manufacturers; we reached out to Sharp because it had the right, custom solution for this client’s needs.”

A complete solution with a wireless router and mini PC embedded in its bezel frame that is flush to the wall, the high-definition Aquos Board manages large data volume in a streamlined design. The telescope records approximately 30 gigabits per file, per week, and since the PC is built in, data feeds are seamlessly facilitated. The Wi-Fi router also facilitates easy log-in with wireless devices, mice and keyboards, and the on-screen touch capability enhances presentations. The client appreciates its easy, interactive qualities and brilliant, full array LED backlight HD resolution.

“It was a great project and fun to work with Michael and Chris to provide this key solution for the department,” recalls Donald Lassiter, Digital Products Specialist, Sharp Business Systems.

Beyond its technological capabilities, the Sharp Aquos Board offered something else: Free on-site training and extended manufacturer warranties assuring the client of long-term support. At MicroAge, exceeding expectations means going the distance for the right solution—even when measured in light years.

Let Michael and Chris go the distance for you, too. Contact Michael directly at or 480-366-2120; and Chris at or 480-366-2097.

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