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Health Care Provider Meets Federal Mandates While Maximizing IT Budget

EHR/EMR and Virtualization

As the year 2015 approaches, medical practices nationwide must be ready to meet the mandated EHR/EMR (electronic health record/electronic medical record) requirements of the federal government or likely face penalties. For this health care provider, encompassing five freestanding clinics, it was imperative to implement the appropriate infrastructure to support high-volume EHR/EMR files in the near future.

Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure

The solution included a Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure with (9) M610 Blades and the Citrix XenServer Virtualization platform

As a longstanding MicroAge client, the company’s IT director relies on JP Patchett to provide leading technology solutions that dovetail with its fairly complex business model of scattered sites. With specific reference to the federal EHR/EMR mandate, the client had an opportunity to capture a significant government incentive if it moved rapidly to implement an EHR/EMR environment by the year’s end. At the same time, the client also wanted to virtualize. To accomplish this, JP recommended a Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure with nine M610 Blades. Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition provided the cloud virtualization platform, which hosts multiple virtualized servers with expanded storage to support all data.

The client also needed accurate Microsoft Windows server licensing, and in a virtualized environment things can quickly get rather complicated. JP explains: “The client initially thought to purchase a standard server license requiring one license per virtual server…since it wanted up to four virtual servers per blade server host, 36 standard server licenses were required. Because it only had nine standard server licenses, the company would have had to purchase 27 more new licenses—and that would be pretty pricey.”

“However,” JP continues, “I found that the client was eligible for a Microsoft Enterprise Server upgrade via its current Software Assurance plan, where one server enterprise license covers four virtual servers. Since the client purchased nine blade servers, it only needed nine upgrade licenses. By upgrading rather than purchasing whole new editions, I was able to help the client achieve significant cost savings.”

Clearly, the client relies on the expertise of Solutions Experts like JP to not only provide product, but also to help uncover value-added benefits that ensure it continues to maximize productivity and control costs. By partnering with MicroAge, the client installed new infrastructure, met the rebate deadline and captured licensing cost savings. It’s the kind of comprehensive, value-added solution that keeps this client coming back for more.

Find out how JP can stretch your IT budget without compromising quality or efficiency. Contact him directly at or 480-366-2134.

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