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How a Retail Chain Simplified IT Procurement

Opening a retail store isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, and IT is just one piece of the complex puzzle. To uncomplicate the IT procurement piece of that puzzle, a mid-market farming and ranching retail chain reached out to MicroAge’s Mike LaPorta for support. Mike started with a site visit to understand client’s IT equipment needs as well as the company’s current procurement process. “They were building each new store from the ground up, and they were sourcing their IT equipment from multiple vendors,” Mike explains. “And that meant working with a lot of different vendors and spending money on shipping from various distributors. We gave them a true single-shop option with competitive pricing.” Each new store requires hardware from a dozen different technology partners: Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola, Xerox, Tripp Lite and Epson among them.  The list of 35-plus line items includes:

In addition to the competitive pricing on the equipment itself, another benefit of single-source IT procurement was in the shipping. “We were able to ship a lot of products at one time,” Mike notes. “This saved them money, and it really made their lives easier.” For their previous store openings, the client’s IT team had been responsible for multiple purchase orders and tracking those multiple invoices and orders. “Working with MicroAge really saved them a lot of time and hassle in managing and tracking the order,” Mike adds. Plus, the IT team of five people had divided the procurement responsibilities, so different team members were working with different vendors. By aligning with one vendor, the team’s internal communication processes improved as well. So far, the client has opened two stores using MicroAge as its single IT procurement source. A third store is in the works with two more planned for later this year—all working with MicroAge. And the reason is clear. “They said it was a night-and-day difference in how their equipment made it onsite,” Mike says. Puzzle solved. Ready to simplify your IT procurement? Contact MicroAge solutions expert Mike LaPorta at 480-366-2177 or

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