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How MicroAge Simplified an IT Buyer’s Job


That’s how many vendors the IT Buyer of a government contractor’s security systems division had to work through to get her job done.

Then, she discovered MicroAge’s David Knowles and Chris Robinette.

“We were able to source so many things for her.  It made her job less stressful and much more efficient,” David says. “We have great flexibility here.  If the supplier or manufacturer will allow us to sell it, we can provide it to our clients.”

The client tested David and Chris with various requests. And from custom cabinets to specialized controllers to large generators and UPS units, they never let her down.

“We supply a number of components that go into their security solutions,” David says. “We made her life a lot easier.” In fact, because of MicroAge’s vast network of suppliers and partners, she was able to reduce the nine vendors she had worked with down to just two. And she was able to streamline her workload by increasing efficiencies in her division. That smart business sense led to a promotion within her company.

“Because of our sourcing model and flexibility, we can help companies reduce the overall number of vendors and suppliers they have,” David says. “This client told us we made her life worlds easier. That time savings was critical, and it made a huge difference for her and that division.”

Want to make your job easier? We thought so. Contact Chris Robinette at 480-366-2087 or or David Knowles at 480-366-2110 or

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