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HPE 3PAR Refreshes SoCal Water Treatment Plant Data Centers

Treating 60 million gallons of water a day is no small feat. So when a 65-year-old water treatment and recycling agency with two data centers in Southern California needed to upgrade their existing storage systems, they knew exactly who to call: MicroAge’s Jo Lerner.

Jo has worked closely with this client for a number of years and has established a solid relationship with them. They knew she could help them find the best solution to replace their aging SANs and meet their increasing capacity and performance demands.

The process could’ve been complicated. Government entities can be prone to long purchasing cycles, slow approvals for new equipment, a protracted rate of technology adoption and so on. But with help from Jo—and a few Hewlett Packard Enterprise engineers—the project took off. The water treatment agency was able to update its storage system, while driving out costs and achieving new levels of performance and capacity.

The project scope

“With government contracts, everything has to go out to bid,” says Jo. “But because I knew their environment and business so well, I was able to work closely with them to help define the project scope and specs.”

Because she understood the problem at hand, Jo helped the client identify that they needed a cost-effective mixed-tier solution that included SSD, flash and magnetic spinning hard drives.

In addition to other storage suppliers, Jo brought in her California-based HPE storage team. Together, they came up with a right-sized solution with a right-sized price to match.

“I work hard for my clients to make sure my recommendations are 100 percent right the first time, so I listened to what they needed and then did my homework to ensure I presented comprehensive solutions and pricing that would actually meet their needs,” says Jo. “Even though I had put together several solutions, I presented HPE 3PAR StoreServ first…they didn’t want to hear any more after that.”

Right-sized, right-priced HPE 3PAR StoreServ

The client started with HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200 for the initial rollout. In 2015, this model was completely re-designed and subsequent rollouts now include HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200. This model delivers all-flash array performance at a low entry cost that provides investment protection, scalability and rich data services.

This all-flash starter kit featured an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 Storage array with 11.5 TB of usable capacity, HPE 3PAR Operating System Software Suite—which includes HPE 3PAR Thin Provisioning, HPE 3PAR Thin Conversion, HPE 3PAR Thin Persistence, HPE 3PAR Thin Deduplication and HPE 3PAR Thin Clones software—Virtual Copy Software, three years of HPE Proactive Care 24×7 support and a one-year license for HPE 3PAR Online Import software to simplify data migration.

“This solution was a really great way for them to get HPE’s industry-leading flash-optimized 3PAR StoreServ Storage architecture at an incredibly low price with everything included in one easy package,” notes Jo. “It was so much more affordable than their old SSDs and gave them low latency, too.”

More importantly, the client will be protected well into the future because the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage family shares the same operating system, user interface and data services. This shared platform not only allows them to easily manage their storage environment, but they can also expand the 3PAR StoreServ solution set as their needs change.

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A Commitment to Our Clients

Ultimately, MicroAge and HPE was a no-brainer for the water treatment plant. Jo leveraged her long-term trusted client relationship to understand the agency’s needs and environment, thoroughly researched possible solutions and found the right solution provider in HPE.

“The HPE team that I worked with is seasoned and knowledgeable. But they’re also local so it was easy for them to quickly deliver the right solution to the client and to provide the necessary after-care and support,” says Jo.

Jo believes that her long-term client relationships and willingness to go the extra mile pays off in multiple ways. “Researching and presenting the right solutions for my clients helps them to not only fairly evaluate multiple solutions, it helps them make the right investment in a solution,” she says. Acting as a single point of contact and taking that piece off their plates frees them to focus on their customers’ needs. It all comes full circle.”

Is lack of storage capacity and uneven performance affecting your business? Reach out to Jo Lerner today at or 480.366.2123.

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