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HPE Nimble Hybrid Flash Storage Cures Health Company’s Latency Pains

For six years, a midsize health system in the Midwest had had the same storage solution. And its age was starting to show. Doctors and other employees were experiencing problems and complaining. They wondered if hybrid flash storage would solve their problems and turned to MicroAge for a solution that wouldn’t break the bank.

“Their biggest complaint was latency, and that’s partly due to age,” says MicroAge’s Susan Breitkopf.

The health system’s IT director wanted a new solution that would fix the latency issue and give company room for growth — something that would last at least five years.

“This was a major undertaking,” Susan says. The client wanted to consider multiple options. MicroAge presented three.

“They wanted a hybrid of disk and flash,” Susan says. “They needed flash for the speed, but didn’t want the cost of an all-flash solution.”

After careful consideration, the client selected HPE Nimble Storage’s hybrid flash storage solution.

“We wanted to help them understand the market and the options available, but we knew from the beginning that HPE Nimble was the right solution for them,” Susan says. “This solution was able to reduce their latency issues, and it gave them room to grow.”

They purchased two arrays (HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash CS-Series CS1000) — one for primary storage and one for disaster recovery (DR). The 84 TB they have in their primary storage is double what they previously had.

HPE Nimble was a critical partner, providing information and support from the beginning of the relationship and managing the installation.

The client wanted a solution that was fast, of course, but as Michel Dickmeyer, account executive with HPE Nimble, points out, lots of solutions that utilize flash are fast. HPE Nimble could also offer six nines of uptime and the ability to scale without downtime.

“But the most important benefit that we bring to bear is our proactive predictive analytics — we call it InfoSight,” Michel says. “InfoSight makes it very easy for the customer to understand where they have issues. It gives them full visibility across the infrastructure stack and lets them quickly isolate bottlenecks or other issues. That equates to real business benefits. The IT team can spend less time on menial infrastructure issues, which means they can spend more time on things that are more important to their business. Other systems on the market don’t have that capability.”

Post-deployment, the client is excited about all that this HPE Nimble hybrid flash storage solution offers, and they immediately saw a huge increase in performance.

“They’re loving it,” Susan says.

Ready to explore your options for hybrid flash storage? Susan Breitkopf can help you assess your current data center strategy and recommend a solution that addresses your challenges. Contact her at or 480-366-2174.

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