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IBM Software License Renewal Analysis Saves Money for Database Firm

The world runs on data. For some companies, it’s just part of doing business. For others, it’s their product. For a company that developed a popular software platform, data is everything. Upwards of 200 TB of data course through the company’s 200-plus servers across three data centers.

Also critical is the company’s databases—and therefore, the software license renewals for their databases.

When MicroAge’s Nate Preston met with the company’s vice president of IT to discuss his upcoming budget and IT needs, the client asked for a review of his IBM software licensing.

“Because IBM had recently updated its licensing agreement and the client had added a disaster recovery (DR) site, he felt it was important to have a second set of eyes on the IBM documents to make sure he was covered,” Nate explains.

Nate had two weeks to make sure the software license renewal worked for his client—and to accomplish an additional goal: bring down the cost.

“They wanted to make sure they weren’t going to overpay,” he says.

Nate collaborated with other partners to understand the nuanced terminology in the new database license agreement and make sure it accurately reflected his client’s needs.

“We focused a lot on the addition of the DR site,” he says. “We really tried to frame the software agreement to help with the IT strategy our client was trying to implement.”

Thanks to Nate’s help, the client ultimately benefited from a software license renewal agreement based on their specific needs, and received a discount by agreeing to a three-year deal (paid annually, instead of monthly).

“We got our client exactly what he needed,” Nate says. “And he’s very happy.”

If you need help with your software license renewals, call on MicroAge and Nate Preston. You can reach Nate at or 480.366.2135.

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