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IT Refresh and Microwave Broadband Bring Manufacturer Up to Speed

Staying current on technology advancements matters. Regardless of size or sector, delaying an IT infrastructure refresh can be dangerous in terms of system instability or failure. Information technology continues to evolve at dizzying speed; ‘keeping up to keep business going’ can be daunting without a partner like MicroAge.

For this manufacturer specializing in the production of compressed carbon dioxide, not only does it need to manage production and customer orders efficiently, it also must maintain seven-plus years of records for governmental oversight. The client engaged MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe to review its technology needs, research various options, and present a refreshed hardware solution.

After doing on onsite survey of the client’s IT infrastructure, the first recommendation Barrett made was to deploy two new HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8 servers with disk-to-disk cloud back up.

Second, Barrett approached the client’s connectivity issues. Given the geographic limitations of its location and lack of reliable commercial grade broadband connectivity, he proposed a line-of-sight microwave solution to provide point-to-point T1-class connectivity, as no in-ground wiring solution was available.

Third, he recommended a new WatchGuard firewall to replace the customers aging appliances, new email back up, upgraded APC Smart-UPS 3000VA RM 2U and a lockable racking system. As Barrett recalls, “We were intent on getting the client’s core infrastructure solid; by taking a core-to-edge approach, we showed the value of a MicroAge partnership as we considered the issues.”

Yesterday, the client’s system was struggling to complete basic tasks. Today, the client has a fully functional, modern infrastructure, with reliable broadband, onsite and cloud based backup and email is dependable and fast. In addition, the centralized Exchange environment makes managing operations easy and going forward, drivers can get digital signatures from customers. Tomorrow? It’s going to be a great day.

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