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Meaningful Use of Space: Accomplishing EHR Requirements in Tight Quarters

Compassion. Confidentiality. Convenience. They are three key elements of modern medicine and are all key components of a tribal health initiative supported by MicroAge’s Topher Spinnato. Working with a Native American community, Topher met with its CIO to address how best to merge technology with patient treatment at its health care facility. The goal was clear: outfit approximately 60 patient rooms with technology that did not impede the patient-provider dialogue, thus aiding the client’s EHR solution requirements and meaningful use iniatives. Says Topher, “We needed to improve quality, safety, and efficiency while ensuring it was transparent (or non-intrusive) to the patient receiving care.”

Given the small dimensions of exam rooms, patient privacy, and records accessibility, Topher needed just the right mix of movable parts and compact computing options. He put them together in a streamlined solution that merged Ergotron’s wall mounting systems and medical carts with Motion Computing’s tablets designed especially for the medical industry and EHR requirements. Ergotron offers extensive mounting and mobility products for monitors, laptops, and custom applications. As Dan Limon, Ergotron Client Representative says, “Together, Ergotron and MicroAge were able to provide the clinic with on-site demo units for several weeks, giving staff a hands-on opportunity to experience the products.”

The advantage?  By trying out the products, different user groups—from admitting and nursing to physicians—had ample time to use and choose the right options for their individual needs. As Topher comments, “Talking about dimensions and how things work together is one thing, but experiencing the quality, seeing how the products articulate and fold flat on the wall, out of the way of the patient-doctor interaction, is quite another. It made a huge difference.” As a result, the clinic selected two Ergotron technologies, its EMR (electronic medical records) carts for mobile use and its LX Wall System for in-room installation.

The client selected Motion Computing tablets that install into docking stations in each exam room and connect to larger LCD displays. The medical-grade C5v ‘slates’ are washable, biohazard spill-proof, and robust enough for round-the-clock use. Further, they were custom imaged prior to arrival—allowing the client to simply un-box and hand them out to the medical staff to use upon receipt. “The combination of Motion Computing’s C5v tablets and MicroAge’s expertise in delivering the solution was the perfect fit for a successful project. From initial contact and quoting to equipment deployment and follow up, we were both there to ensure client satisfaction,” recalls Kent Eggen, Motion Computing’s Regional Territory Manager.

As an ongoing engagement, the solution continues to be just what the doctor ordered; the three “C’s” of service—Compassion, Confidentiality and Convenience—are delivered in a uniquely customized way.

Like what Topher did for this client? Let him find a creative solution for your IT challenges, too. Contact him directly at 480-366-2033 or

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