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MicroAge Delivers Hard-to-Find VoIP Phones to Hospital—Stat

Giving Voice to Customer Service

For a large hospital system in the central United States, MicroAge has proven itself repeatedly as an exceptionally reliable service partner. Based on a longstanding relationship with Rick Budd, MicroAge Solutions Expert, the client’s IT Administrator regularly relies on him to meet diverse technological requests. Running the gamut from ordering physician dictation machines to ensuring software license compliance and configuring overall system servers, MicroAge consistently supports and responds to client needs with speed and accuracy.

As such, when two Cisco VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephones were urgently needed for the surgery department, the client contacted Rick. As he says, “According to the client, everyone was out of stock. Major distributors didn’t have the product. Even the client’s local supplier didn’t have them. I asked for 30 minutes, did some calling, and found them! While the competition promised to have a stock update the next day, I already had tracking numbers ready for shipping to the client.” Even though these Cisco phones are so popular they are often constrained, MicroAge’s access to resources is so extensive and well established that successful outcomes are its norm.

As Rick comments further, “At MicroAge, we are empowered to go above and beyond traditional types of representative roles—we serve as technical support, consultants and buyers as needed to fulfill our client’s expectations.” It is this kind of response that engenders real confidence and loyalty. While a relatively small order, this solution demonstrates a powerful key principle that MicroAge puts into action every day: if it is important to the client, it is important to MicroAge.

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