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MicroAge Helps Client Take Advantage of SA Benefits to Save Money

No one wants to leave money on the table, but a lot of IT departments are unknowingly doing just that.

One large urgent care chain was recently debating the merits of paying for expensive training for a financial analyst. At the time, they were paying a SQL Database consultant $150/hour to make simple database changes, and the costs were adding up. In fact, they’d been budgeting $100,000 annually for these services.

Financial Resources

By uncovering the SA benefits to which the client was entitled, MicroAge helped them save considerable financial resources

That’s when MicroAge’s Jason Lassourreille started looking into the client’s software assurance package (SA) that was bundled with their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. He found that they were entitled to 30 hours of training per year at no additional cost to them.

They didn’t know that, and they didn’t know how to access it,” Jason says.

Working with a MicroAge training partner and the client’s purchaser along with the financial analyst who would be taking the class, Jason helped them explore their options and find the best fit.

With the database training their financial analyst received, the client is already reaping benefits because they’re able to make changes on their own without calling their consultant.

“The company hasn’t spent a dime,” Jason says. “And they’re saving money; they’re increasing accuracy; and they’re finding out they can generate and share valuable reports all on their own.”

A three-day class like this runs about $1,200.

“They already had these SA benefits,” Jason notes. “They just needed to use them. As a result of the class, they have so many more in-house capabilities.”

For ideas on ways to save time and money, contact MicroAge solutions expert Jason Lassourreille at 480-366-2051 or

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