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MicroAge Sources and Delivers the Impossible

Component sourcing is fairly predictable, right? Not always.

As Rich Birberick can attest, sourcing some components, like hard drives, can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. For a longtime MicroAge client that integrates component systems for a major technology manufacturer, partnering with Rich is the key to its delivery of approved products. This is no small achievement when you consider that demand for the parts in question—hard drives already out of production—exceeds 30 units a month. Further, there is no wavering from stringent specifications; no other part number nor refurbished product may be substituted, per the end user’s documentation and certification requirements.

Finding a needle in a haystack

Sourcing some components – like the hard drives this client needed – can be like finding a needle in a haystack

It’s a major challenge and it’s where Rich comes in. Because of the breadth and depth of his industry reach, Rich does the near-impossible and consistently ships 30 to 40 hard drives per month to the client. To date, his efforts have resulted in the delivery of approximately 300 hard drives in the past year. His research and tenacity have underscored the client’s ability to meet its production commitments. “MicroAge has been the only resource able to actually find and deliver these drives on a regular basis; because of MicroAge’s total commitment to meeting this client’s needs, we have been successful in helping it serve its own customers,” says Rich.

Yet not surprisingly, supplies are running out. As a result, the certification process is under way to deploy another hard drive still in production. In the meantime, as the new part number awaits approval, Rich continues to run down the few remaining original drives still required for assembly, as well as source various other switches and drives for the client. It’s simple: MicroAge does whatever it takes for client success.

Do you have IT sourcing challenges of your own? Rich can help you, too! Contact him directly at 480-366-2128 or

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