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Mobile IT Solutions Help Biomedical Organization with Efficiency and Budget

Upgrading Technology, Improving Lives

For health care product manufacturers and service providers, saving and improving lives is the central mission. Nowhere is this more evident than in biomedical products, where the product literally becomes the beginning of a patient’s return to health.

For several years, MicroAge has partnered with a leading bio-product company to support uninterrupted delivery of its truly mission-critical work. Maximizing the value of its technology investment is a clear priority for the organization; since MicroAge has access to numerous technology partners, budget-sensitive clients can rely on it to develop appropriate and lasting technology solutions.

As MicroAge’s Ken Katz notes, “The client identified multifaceted technology requirements:  first, it needed to upgrade office printers and second, it had to obtain notebook computers to improve productivity. Understanding the client’s strict budgetary parameters, we provided a solution that didn’t break the bank and kept them at optimal efficiency. Specific to printers, I recommended the OKI B4600 product line both for its reliability and because each unit’s drum is housed separately from the toner cartridge. With this design, either component can be replaced as needed without incurring the cost of replacing both— efficiently using the technology spend.”

In addition, the printers needed to rugged and have a minimal footprint with paper trays residing within those parameters. Why? Since the client operates mobile units to obtain and deliver various bio products, they needed to withstand regular transportation and transference without any service interruption. The OKI B4600 met all these specifications and by purchasing a three-year warranty, the client is further assured of consistent performance.

For the notebooks, there were some challenges in sourcing necessary components. Replacing obsolete units with new Fujitsu notebooks, it was necessary to source drivers compatible with the client’s pre-installed UNIX environment. It was also necessary to specify several different models to meet differing applications—from administrative tasks to touch-screen capability. Fujitsu’s personalized support was a determining factor in its selection—the company plans self maintenance so the upfront support was a valuable assist in the initial set up.

“We recognized the company’s unique requirements and because we partnered with not one but two vendors whose products and services met these needs, MicroAge delivered a tailored and cost-effective solution,” says Ken.

Given the client’s mission of providing life-saving bio products, both Ken and MicroAge were committed to ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure that its vital services remain supported and ultimately delivered to those who need them.

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