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New Red Hat Licensing Options for Virtual Environments Save Client Real Money

Purchasing and managing licenses can be an unwieldy and expensive process. But one leading POS system provider recently discovered it doesn’t have to be.

The company, which manages a number of virtual servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, launches a new virtual machine for each new client it signs.

At the time the company’s IT manager and system administrator called MicroAge’s Jason Lassourreille, the company had 168 virtual servers (on 20 physical machines) which corresponded to 168 individual licenses of Red Hat Enterprise Linux they had to renew and maintain.

Red Hat has changed its licensing so that you can purchase a license for each physical server and have the option to run as many virtual machines as you want,” Jason explains. Other licensing options include four virtual guests and one virtual guest per physical machine.

“The client didn’t realize that Red Hat offered these options,” Jason says. But after asking about the client’s business and IT needs, Jason was able to make a recommendation that was perfect for their situation.

For the client, that means that instead of 168 licenses, they now need to manage only 20.

“They can now deploy a virtual server quickly without the worry of getting a license for the new machine, which is great for business agility and enhanced customer service,” Jason says. “It also saves them a lot of money — in fact, they’re saving about $80,000 a year. Plus, it prevents compliance issues and saves them the stress of maintaining so many licenses.”

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