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Nimble SAN for Virtual Environment Supports Massive Storage Needs

Architectural Firm Solves Data Storage Needs with SAN for Virtual Environment.

Although a building is built brick by brick, it begins with plans, renderings and 3D models—high-intensive graphic files that architects need to access or modify quickly throughout a project’s duration. When a firm has a lot of power users, it requires the best equipment available, including a storage area network (SAN) that will support its ever-increasing storage needs.

Lacking centralized data center storage, Texas-based architecture firm came to MicroAge for help in choosing a SAN for their virtual environment. It would need to scale as the firm grows, provide world-class support and offer proven reference architecture for a Citrix environment. MicroAge’s Joe Preston knew Nimble Storage was the perfect fit for their Citrix Xen environment.

“Nimble Storage is truly a disruptive technology in a highly competitive data center storage market—it is doing for storage what VMware did for computing consolidation 10 years ago,” he says. “Because Nimble provides incredible performance, adaptive scalability and sub-millisecond latency for both reads and writes at a fraction of the cost, it is the SAN of choice for VDI [virtual desktop infrastructure] environments, and I knew it had everything my client needed.”

The client was impressed, and doubly so after speaking to several client references in the same industry. “One reference was a mirror image of our client but in a different market, and after sharing its experience with Nimble, the two companies continue to talk once a month to share information,” Joe says.

Since installation, the Nimble CS460 next-generation/optimized SAN with two controllers (each with 12 cores and 24 gigabytes RAM), 36 terabytes of raw storage capacity and 1.2 terabytes of flash cache has had a tremendous impact.

“It’s a night and day difference—Nimble’s greater virtual machine density and integrated backup/disaster recovery has given the firm options it never had,” says Joe. “In addition to being so much faster, Nimble’s CASL [Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout] filing system enables the firm to use flash cache to its fullest potential. Being able to take all of its data from all applications and compress it into a neat package has made their lives so much easier.”

Moreover, the firm also benefits from access to InfoSight, Nimble’s secure, cloud-based support portal. “Nimble’s support is one of the most well-thought-out services in the industry. Nimble SANs send real-time analytics about the environment back to Nimble to analyze, so its engineers are aware of any glitches before you contact them,” Joe says. “It’s like a think tank took the best of all of the traditional companies—service, technology, sales, and engineering—and out popped Nimble.”

The firm reports that implementation has been flawless, but the project wouldn’t have been such a success without Joe’s dedication to meeting his client’s needs for a SAN for their virtual environment.

Architecture firms aren’t the only companies that can benefit from a next-generation SAN—mid-to-large enterprises interested in learning how Nimble’s adaptive flash platform can decrease the total cost of storage ownership and improve productivity should contact Joe Preston at 480-366-2129 or

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