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No Room for Error: The Sensitive Matter of Relocating an E-Discovery Operation

Reaching the Right Verdict

Clients choose MicroAge for solutions that vary as much as the scope of industries we serve. For this consulting firm specializing in providing e-discovery, a professional and proven solution partner was essential to successfully relocate its office, including the data center and highly secured evidence room. E-discovery, also known as electronically stored information (ESI), refers to searching for, finding, or securing electronic data as may be required for legal proceedings.


E-discovery refers to searching for, finding, or securing electronic data as may be required for legal proceedings.

This fast-growing company serves some of the largest law firms in the nation and is widely recognized for its expert work in the field. Due to the sensitive nature of its transactions, the client must be assured of a fail-safe networking foundation. Utilizing MicroAge to help select IBM X series and HP ProLiant servers, the company decided that a complete office relocation was necessary to sustain its growth. It approached MicroAge Technical Sales Consultant, Vicki Chacon, to help manage the complexities of the move, and in particular, to ensure the integrity of all data.

When moving a data center, there are always key aspects to be considered and managed. In this case, given the highly confidential nature of all data in the evidence room, it was crucial that stringent security procedures be implemented to ensure the integrity of every file as the move took place. Understanding the solution had many overlapping elements, Vicki worked closely with the client’s IT Project Manager to secure a comprehensive group of professionals who could provide these specialized services required in the transition plan. Specifically, MicroAge was engaged to provide turnkey execution for the following areas:

  • Asset Tagging/Server Room Breakdown/Relocation
  • Office/Evidence Room Relocation/Armed Guard Escort
  • Evidence Room Data Storage/File Destruction
  • Core Data Center Network Equipment
  • Digital Signage for Conference Room Presentations and Intra-Company Communications
  • Infrastructure Cabling/Telecommunications for Voice, Video and Data


It was necessary to design an overall floor plan that made best use of the new available space.  MicroAge engaged a resource to assist with optimal work space allocations and design. Once that was done, the actual relocation process began.  In this case, relocation meant far more than merely transporting and re-assembling equipment; it involved the incorporation of an extensive menu of upgraded technologies, comprising hundreds of line items.

Of these, MicroAge managed the client’s unique digital signage requirements by bringing together a team of suppliers to develop the solution. The client required digital signage in the form of flat screens placed strategically throughout its offices for company-wide video streaming and communication. MicroAge orchestrated the implementation of multiple 32- and 50-inch Panasonic flat screens, utilizing Cisco 2960 network switches for the video delivery system.  Cabling also was critical to the overall project; Vicki personally oversaw the installation of Hubbell Cat 5e infrastructure and back-end cabling—even installing some if it herself—to ensure the client’s deadlines were met! “The installation required thousands of feet of cable to numerous points,” Vicki comments. “We were on an incredibly tight deadline, and the saying, ‘whatever it takes,’ was foremost in my mind.” The engagement demonstrates MicroAge’s flexible approach to customer service, which also included selecting a telecommunications vendor, sourcing office and workstation furnishings, and even locating customizable vending machines for the company break room.

Once all aspects of the relocation and installation were completed and the offices were fully functional, the client was confident that it had truly made the right move: “The new facility is a dream come true for us,” said the owner.  With physical and technological room to grow, the company is positioned to achieve even greater success.  As a business whose every transaction depends on strict standards of confidentiality and security, the client trusted MicroAge to successfully ‘win’ its relocation case.

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