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PC-Based Telecom System Allows Aviation Firm to ‘Dial Up’ their Customer Service

A missed phone call is no big deal, right? Wrong! For this aviation-related company, a missed phone call is akin to a missed sale. And when the sale in question is for jet engine components, it adds up to a big revenue hit. Located in the Southwest, the client relies heavily on telecommunications for all aspects of customer service. However, the existing archaic system was losing calls. The client needed to upgrade in a cost-effective way, and it needed to do it fast.

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No more missed calls: PC-based telecom system offered the client easy-to-program call rules, based on user, customer or time of day.

MicroAge’s Vicki Chacon reached out to the client to present an innovative solution to meet its needs. As she and Wyatt Bowman, MicroAge Director of Technical Sales & Professional Sales, realized the client had customers who called around the clock, any new system had to have the technological ability to answer and route calls to appropriate parties. In addition, the client required that any new system be compatible with existing handsets for nearly 100 users.

Vicki researched the options and found a software-PBX solution that differed from traditional hardware-based systems as its intelligence was software-generated for easy and cost-effective customization. Specifically, this gave the client the opportunity to move, add, or change any aspect of the system without having to incur the expense and time of an outside service provider. Once installed, the client had full control over all change orders. Also, as it was based on open industry standards, the system not only ran on regular PCs, but also worked with virtually any standard telephone.

As Vicki says, “Because the solution was all IT-based, it was an attractive concept; since the client contacts included a network data administrator and an IT manager, the fact that the system ran on existing infrastructure was a real plus.” Once approved, Vicki orchestrated the installation schedule for completion within a month. Alongside a service partner, Vicki managed all aspects of the installation, from working with carriers to conducting in-house training. User-friendly and eminently customizable, the system ensured that lost calls were a thing of the past.

Again, because the system was software-based, all functionalities were managed directly on desktops. Since the client had two different sales divisions, call routing was customized to each with individual call rules. For example, if a customer called at three a.m., the system could either route directly to a cell phone, or to a voice mailbox that identified the caller for follow up. Innovative technology, customization and cost-effectiveness made this client’s solution take flight for the long haul.

If your telecommunications system needs dialing up, give Vicki a call! She can be reached directly at 480-366-2071, or

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