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Potentially Disastrous Customs Delay Averted with the Help of MicroAge

As the Clock Ticked, MicroAge Tracked.

For this manufacturing client, MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe has met its technology needs for more than a decade. As its primary IT supplier, MicroAge has consistently supported its 1,000-man operations at scattered sites across the continental United States. Recently, Barrett managed the installation of a large SAN (storage area network) solution to provide reliable and expandable storage for the client’s already extensive infrastructure. Since then, the client sought to expand off-shore operations in Asia. Barrett worked closely with its Senior Systems Engineer to provide, integrate and handle the freight forwarding of multiple servers, network switches and firewalls, all of which had to deploy immediately at the site in Asia.


Asian customs officials refused to release the shipment until new paperwork was presented

As the project plan was designed to ensure that the product’s delivery and customs clearance coincided with the client’s arrival, it was mission-critical to prevent any disruption to the schedule. It was no exaggeration that any delay could potentially result in thousands of dollars of losses for the company.

All went according to plan until the product reached the host country’s customs department. Claiming missing documentation from the client, customs officials refused to release the shipment until new paperwork was presented. Barrett, back in the United States, began receiving increasingly panicked calls from the client from midnight onward.

For the next 40 hours, Barrett worked around the clock, talking to individual manufacturers around the world and expediting document delivery to ensure that all information got to the in-country client and customs officials. Given that a delay of 48 hours would scuttle the project entirely, he got it done with eight hours to spare! “At MicroAge, we don’t say no,” relates Barrett. “This client was at the mercy of a foreign governmental agency and without our help, faced a disaster. I was determined to find the solution for him. As soon as I knew all was well, I went home and took a long nap!”

Barrett’s responsiveness helped saved the client from a financial catastrophe. His commitment to ensuring a positive outcome was the determining factor—it didn’t matter that the problem was not a MicroAge issue, the client had a crisis and he crafted a speedy resolution. It truly was Barrett’s record-setting pace across the international dateline that facilitated this client’s customs clearance.

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