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Power Failure Solved by UPS Rental

What happens when the data center for a health care provider with offices in more than a dozen states loses power? It’s one of those recurring nightmares many IT managers have and they usually end with the dreamer waking to the sound of his own screams.

This was the case when I received a call bright and early one morning. The manager was frantic—they had just lost 70 percent of the power for their data center, thanks to their severely overloaded uninterruptible power supply. It died an untimely death, but really, is there ever a good time for a UPS to die? They were scrambling. No one could access email or records, which obviously creates a dire situation in health care settings. Without the patients’ records how can you safely provide care? He needed a replacement and he needed it yesterday.

He naturally first turned to his usual IT provider. No help there. He called another company that sold technology. Ditto. In fact he called everyone he could think of and got the same answer: no one could get anything to him faster than the next day, and it would dearly cost them for the rush delivery. Then he made one more call—to MicroAge this time—and I answered.

Gathering all the information I needed, I told him I’d get on it immediately and call him back with a solution. I quickly sent out an APB to my fellow MicroAge account executives: Who can help me pull a rabbit out of a hat for this IT manager? Barrett Lamothe—an eight-year MicroAge veteran—was one of the first to answer the call. He knew of a local source that rents UPS units. Wasting no time, we contacted the company.

Within an hour of taking his call I called the IT manager back and told him that a 6,000 kVA UPS was on its way. We had taken care of all the arrangements to rent the unit for them on a month-to-month basis. The organization was completely back up and accessing all records and email within five hours. They ended up keeping the unit for several months until the time was right for them to permanently replace it, at which time I was happy to help them with that, too!

This is just another example of how MicroAge allows and encourages their account executives to be creative when looking for client solutions. We don’t just read a screen that says “available in 24 hours with rush charges” and leave it at that. We have the latitude to make things happen.

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