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Reliable Data Lines Ensure Uptime for Busy Restaurant Chain

When I visited this Broadway restaurant with lines out the door, it was worth the wait—the burgers, fries and shakes were so good I wrote to the company home office. I wanted to let them know about my great experience…and suggest MicroAge as a technology partner! A day later the network administrator contacted me to help with securing reliable data lines and backup.

Owned by an internationally celebrated restaurateur, the company operates 40-plus restaurants worldwide. As it opens new restaurants nationwide, reliable data lines are critical to each location’s success—I was tasked to assist with data line implementation for six new locations. High-capacity restaurants cannot afford to be down even for a moment; the client required both a primary data line for credit card transactions and back-office connectivity and a solid failover backup line. It was also crucial to manage both new and existing locations under a ‘single pane of glass.’

Selecting carriers and running data and cable lines to each location is complex; I reached out to a telecommunications broker partner that provides customized data and telecommunications solutions from leading providers. After determining a clear pathway and timeline for each location, we selected a national carrier delivering reliable, bottleneck-free Internet access and private networking solutions for businesses with high-volume data requirements.

We did the site analysis for each location, ran the lines or partnered with local cable providers for primary and failover lines, installed routers at each location and installed the network at headquarters. This allowed the company to manage the entire group of restaurants, keep them connected and process customer credit card transactions with centralized visibility.

By our collaboration, MicroAge provided centralized, clear visibility for each restaurant opening. And by serving as a single point of contact we got the critical core of each restaurant running—really demonstrating our value. The client agrees; it has since engaged us to help open 10 to 15 new restaurants in the coming year!

Whether your business has locations around the world or just around town, I can help with your IT challenges. Please give me a call or drop me a line anytime. You can reach me at 480-366-2147, or


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