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Reliable Tape Backup Software Put an End to Data Loss

How Backing Up Allowed this Company to Move Forward

Backing up data is pretty much a business no-brainer—regardless of industry, scale or type, no organization wants the major headache of data loss. But what if the systems in place to prevent such data loss fail?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one of my clients, a large corporation with nationwide reach. The client experienced a major data loss when its tape backup software failed and it was determined that routine system testing and regular back ups had not taken place. It is a nightmare scenario for any business, which was clear from the panicked call I received. But that’s what I’m here for—to help provide solutions that can best meet client needs.


BakBone NetVault is a cross-platform backup and recovery software solution that safeguards your data and applications in both physical and virtual environments

It struck me that for this particular client, I had to think creatively to find the best solution. I’m glad I did because that’s how I came across a new tape backup supplier, BakBone, which provides data protection with backup and recovery, real time data protection, and disk-based protection/de-duplication.

Having no prior history with BakBone, I requested it provide a month-long demo in which the client could fully test the software. That they did; and using the trial time to fully explore all aspects of the software, the client was greatly impressed and reassured by the software’s reliability. Immediately following the trial period, the client ordered installation. For users to get the most value from any tape backup software, proper operating knowledge is essential to avoid the type of catastrophic failure already incurred. I requested that BakBone conduct on-site client training sessions to familiarize the client with technology and ensure security was maximized. BakBone agreed and sent a representative to the main office to demonstrate software installation and routine back up strategies. The visit helped ensure that client staff properly learned how to utilize the software’s capabilities.

From start to finish, this engagement was about a month long, but I’m confident of a longer term relationship with this client, a fact that is continually brought home to me as I continue to receive positive feedback from client branches all over the country. By thinking out of the box, we were able to get this client’s data securely contained!

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