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Riverbed WAN Optimization Speeds Up Large File Access

Supporting the nation’s major telecommunications carriers is a major undertaking. Working from its headquarters and eight remote sites, this client specializes in cell tower design, architecture and construction across the United States. In the field, its architects rely on the transfer, download and use of data files to complete their projects. But the files are big; really big—they take more than an hour to download and are impossible to back up to the network. For MicroAge’s Joseph Baca, this represented a serious productivity and security issue, and he thought immediately of a solution: Riverbed WAN Optimization.

Having worked with the client for more than a decade, Joseph is very familiar with its core business. When a staff member mentioned that when he had to download a new file, he would start it, go to lunch, and then hope that the download had completed by the time he got back, Joseph identified the critical gap. And with no way to back up architectural renderings to the network, these files often were left on individual devices.

Joseph suggested to the chief information officer that the company should explore optimizing its wide area network (WAN) with a Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization proof-of-concept. The CIO agreed. Once the client experienced all its benefits, they purchased a large unit for headquarters, smaller versions at all remote sites, and locally installed virtual, mobile versions.

Joseph says, “The Riverbed Steelhead alleviates density issues, speeds up performance and data transfer, and overcomes geographical limitations to increase productivity. It optimizes network traffic for all the client’s intensive applications like Citrix, Microsoft, and Office 365. It also allows the client to back up sensitive data correctly and helps with disaster recovery.”

The best part from the user’s point of view? File transfers that took hours now take only minutes—and while that may cut into the lunch hour, it really boosts productivity.

Waiting too long for data to upload? Contact Joseph to learn what your options are for WAN optimization. Call him directly at 480-366-2099, or email him at

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