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SafeNet Data Protection Provides Client Worldwide Data Security

With more than 16 million members worldwide, this religious organization’s data storage needs are immense. And because of the sensitive nature of the information, data protection and security are vital.  Managing and moving data around the clock and around the world, the organization’s IT operations are housed in massive data centers managed by more than 200 IT professionals.

It is mission critical that the vast amount of data remains secured to specific compliancy codes and moves efficiently across the hierarchical storage systems already in place.  Yet in shifting data from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and then to Tier 3, the possibility exists that data integrity can be compromised and security structures breached, despite encryption systems already in place.  With a multimillion-dollar investment in IT operations, the client could not risk any potential for data corruption or hacking.

To ensure against this possibility, MicroAge’s Michael Zitar proposed the SafeNet Luna PCI-E, a dedicated hardware-based key management card designed expressly to protect cryptographic keys and accelerate sensitive cryptographic operations across a wide range of security applications.  As Michael says, “Enhancing the ability of the encryption in place, the Luna PCI-E card is added directly to database servers; its proprietary coding ensures compliance and security throughout the life cycle of the data.  It also increases the performance of the existing hierarchical storage management (HSM) so data moves safely across various tiers.” 

Installed on two front-end main database servers, the cards were an easy, immediate solution for providing enhanced operations.  As the client houses virtually all its storage on servers in an 18,000-square-foot data center, the addition of two LUNA PCI-E cards instantly covers all operations all over the world.  SafeNet’s high-security hardware design ensures the integrity and protection of encryption keys throughout their life cycle. All digital signing and verification operations are performed within the HSM to increase performance and maintain security.

As the organization continues to expand membership on a worldwide scale, it must rely on tangible IT solutions to effectively support its spiritual mission.  MicroAge ensures its faith is well placed as it provides leading solutions.

Contact Michael directly to discuss your data protection and security needs, or any other IT challenges you may have. He can be reached at 480-366-2120 or

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