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SAN Offers Design Firm Efficiency with Virtualization-Friendly Features

For many companies, the past few years have been a fight to hold on to customers and market share. As the economy slowly improves, it’s good news for companies that are ready to grow again. For an architectural design firm with more than 10 domestic and international offices, growth is in the cards, and that means preparing their IT infrastructure.

“The IT director called because they’re back in growth mode, and they were looking into virtualization,” explains MicroAge solutions expert Daniel Archer. “They also wanted shared storage as well as server and network infrastructure upgrades.”

Daniel visited the company’s data center to better understand their needs. “I got a better feel for what the IT director was trying to do and saw what their infrastructure looked like,” he says.

This is what drives Daniel. “I love problem-solving for my clients,” he says. “I love it when a client calls me and asks, ‘How can we do this?’”

After listening to what this client wanted in the solution, it was clear that Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN provided the right feature set. “One of the things that made the Dell Compellent solution fit the client’s needs,” Daniel explains, “is the ease of management and data tiering. Compellent has no pre-set scaling limits, a single model scales and new disk interconnects can be added.”

And grid scaling with Live Volume lets you add new processing to your centrally-managed configuration, and the persistent software design means you only pay for more licenses as you add more drives.

“Data that’s not accessed much is stored on slower drivers that don’t spin as fast so you can save money, and everyday data is stored on faster drives,” he notes.

Those built-in efficiencies make Compellent an intriguing option for companies, says James Rudden, Channel Storage Solutions Executive for Dell.

“Compellent’s software platform and automated tiered storage and the efficiencies that those bring allowed this company to get a total cost of ownership that was far better any competition,” James says.

In addition to the Dell storage, the complete solution included new servers and VMware for virtualization as well as VMware training.

“We also upgraded the network from 1 GB to 10 GB,” Daniel adds. “The data moves faster between the server and storage and back to the user, which is especially beneficial because of how large a design firm’s files are.”

Daniel said, “The Compellent solution offered my client a great combination of high performance, sophisticated features and no forklift upgrades in the future.”

Have an IT issue and wondering who to turn to? Daniel, and his colleague, Martha Banister, are ready to help. Reach them directly at or 480-366-2125; and or 480-366-2127.

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