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SAN Offers Pharma Company Unlimited Storage for Video Surveillance

The Right Prescription for Storage Issues

Manufacturing pain-relief pharmaceuticals is a business line that is highly regulated in terms of quality control, volume and sanitation procedures. Further, when pain-relief compounds include opiate-based controlled substances, accuracy in all aspects of tracking—ingredients, packaging, quotas and the like—is mission critical for the manufacturer.

Given such stringent requirements, it is important for any medication producer to maintain constant vigilance in record keeping. In a manufacturing setting, this is best achieved by video recording production lines and related areas. For this MicroAge pharmaceutical manufacturing client, traditional taping was unwieldy and potentially unreliable with tape breakage. Physical tape storage was an issue as well. Since the client needed 24×7 recording to run for weeks at a time, it needed a higher volume capacity to record and store all data. Beyond its technical needs, the client also had a limited budget with which to upgrade and improve its recording capability.

Working with the company’s senior engineer and IT manager, MicroAge’s Nathan Young suggested approaching video surveillance from a new perspective: “Since the client needed storage as well as recording functionality, I recommended a Nexsan SATABeast SAN because of its great scalability, storage compartment with virtualization capability, and ‘hot pluggable’ functionality—letting them add in bigger hard drives as needed.”

Since the Nexsan SAN has so much capacity, the client initially scaled down to about 50 percent; as the company eventually migrates to a virtualized environment, the SAN is fully prepared to handle any data or storage increase. By converting video surveillance to digital formats residing on the SAN, the client is able to archive all its footage without interruption or storage limitations.

After assessing its performance during a 30-day free trial demonstration, the client agreed that the Nexsan SATABeast met both its immediate requirements and would effectively handle future virtualized systems. Not only was the SAN attractive in terms of its actual capacity, but it also met the client’s cost restraints by coming in under budget. Overall, it’s fair to say this solution delivered immediate digital relief to this manufacturer’s pain points!

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