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SAN, Virtualization Solution Reduces Servers and Allows for Growth

Brilliant! New SAN Array Lights the Way

A leader in industrial lighting, this manufacturing company has been in operation for more than a century. Conscientious about staying current in lighting manufacturing trends, the company uses leading design software and computer integrated progressive tooling to ensure products are manufactured to industry standards. Company leaders are equally focused on ensuring that overall operations run at maximum efficiency, which is why the IT Director contacted MicroAge’s Rick Budd about deploying a SAN (storage area network), implementing virtualization, and upgrading its Microsoft licenses.

Rick, whose IT industry experience is extensive, has maintained a 15-year relationship with the client. As the company grew, so too did its number of servers and direct-attached storage technology. Data growth, in tandem with concerns about storage capacity, led the client to consider a SAN and virtualization solution. Further, since it is located in the central United States in an area known for tornadoes and severe weather, there is potential for business interruption from wind or flood damage.

The company almost exclusively deployed one particular IT manufacturer’s products for many years and first considered its offerings when planning the SAN upgrade. “The strength of working with MicroAge is that we can offer so many choices that are great values; I researched the client’s existing provider but also offered an alternative with Nexsan.” Nexsan was highly responsive and demonstrated greater value in newer, less costly equipment, leading to its selection for the client’s storage upgrade. With approximately 70 terabytes of storage, the solution of one Nexsan E60, one Nexsan SATABoy and 10 Nexsan SATA drives was arranged in three tiers—the first with 12 terabytes, the second with 28TB and the third allocated for growth storage of 30TB. “Nexsan is a great choice for companies considering the economics of their technology spend.  A powerful product, it is the result of extensive research and development and upholds leading technology standards.  Rick ‘s expertise in managing numerous Nexsan SAN implementations complements its capability—this kind of synergy really sets MicroAge apart in offering clients strong alternatives,” confirms Wyatt Bowman, MicroAge Chief Engineer and Director of Technical Sales & Professional Services.

Truly, from a budgetary perspective, the solution enabled the client to get much more value for its overall expenditure. “As a trusted advisor, Rick was integral to getting the client to consider Nexsan.  We worked side by side to implement Webex presentations, GUI demos, and compelling pricing, which resulted in a client commitment,” agrees Justin Couvillion, Nexsan Regional Sales Manager.

“The strength of working with MicroAge is that we can offer so many choices that are great values; I researched the client’s existing provider but also offered an alternative with Nexsan.”

Virtualization was an integral part of the solution; the client recognized the value of consolidating the number of physical servers and purchased VMware and licensing to facilitate a reduction of its 18 servers to three. In addition, the client wanted to ensure that all its Microsoft licensing was current and up to date; it upgraded to Office 2010 and Windows 7 and ensured their licenses were accurate. Since implementation, the SAN solution has created a stable production environment on which the client’s business IT operations can run with plenty of room for growth. For this company, working with MicroAge really shed light on how it can develop optimal IT solutions at the right price.

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