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Server Consolidation and Virtualization Project Comes In Under Budget

The demands on today’s IT departments are complex. Do more with less. Save money. Stay ahead of the technology curve without overspending. And these demands are even greater for traditional brick-and-mortar companies, which are contending with thinner margins and more competition, explains MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd.

“A lot of brick-and-mortar companies are dealing with smaller IT budgets,” he says. “But they still have the demand to keep up their technology to maintain a competitive advantage.”

So, when one of Hunter’s favorite brands as a kid — a toy manufacturer — called him for help, Hunter was eager to help. The IT director sought Hunter’s recommendation for server consolidation — on a tight budget.

“They wanted to reduce the number of servers in their environment and reduce power consumption,” notes MicroAge technical sales engineer David Determan. “Plus, they wanted to virtualize their environment with the new servers.”

“The client gave us a budget to work with and asked for the servers, storage and software necessary to virtualize in one package,” Hunter says. The complete virtualization package included a Nexsan E18 SAN for dense and reliable storage as well as three HP Proliant servers with VMware vSphere, which the client soon upgraded from Essentials to Enterprise.

“He was thrilled that we came in under budget and that the project was completed on time. And he’s happy with the solution,” Hunter adds. “Everything was installed several months ago, and we’ve heard only positive feedback.”

This solution, he adds, sets an example for other companies.

“Manufacturing companies are modernizing their technology so they can maintain a competitive advantage in their manufacturing process, but they’re also dealing with rising material costs and have less IT budget to work with,” Hunter says. “When you work with MicroAge, you’re working with people who understand what you need to accomplish with your information technology and can help you find the best solution for your budget. It’s really where we shine.”

If you’re looking for an on-time, on-budget virtualization solution, contact Hunter Boyd directly at 480-366-2054 or

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