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Shipping Company Avoids Software Piracy Issues by Engaging MicroAge

Calculating the Right Course in Software Licensing

A respected industry leader, the client serves as a U.S. and Canadian customs broker and ocean freight forwarder, providing import and export clearance of merchandise on a global scale.


MicroAge’s Michael Zitar helped this client avoid software piracy issues

Given its expertise in navigating all the legal, governmental, security and financial requirements and licensing associated with the movement of oceangoing freight, it was assumed that its internal operations also reflected the same high level of compliance with various software systems. With approximately 115 users companywide using programs at five different sites on a daily basis, software licensing had to be up to date and accurate. As its new IT management staff soon found out after conducting an internal assessment, the client’s software licensing status was not exactly compliant. The IT Director discovered that the high seas were not the only places they needed to be on the lookout for piracy—the client’s internal systems could be susceptible as well.

Recognizing the urgent need to rectify the situation, the client contacted MicroAge’s Michael Zitar, after visiting the MicroAge Website and reviewing its solutions suite. “This client was vulnerable to incurring severe penalties from any number of software manufacturers,” says Michael. “As unintentional as it may be, using unlicensed software and replicating it for multiple users creates exposure to legal action and fines… our first step was to ascertain just how far that exposure went by running a capacity planner on the client’s network.”

As a complimentary service, Michael ran two capacity planners for all locations. Both reached into servers and all user desktops. He then reviewed 6,000+ lines of report data, cross referenced both, scrubbed the reports and created one master file. He determined that the client was out of compliance with approximately 16 software providers! Michael consulted with each manufacturer to compare records by software type and develop an action plan to purchase appropriate licenses.

Michael and the client then worked together to restore—or in some cases, initiate—all necessary licensing terms. In little more than two months’ time, Michael ensured the client was properly licensed across a spectrum of applications and not exposed to penalties. In essence, for a company operating as a leader in the maritime shipping industry, its software licensing status is now ship-shape by partnering with MicroAge.

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