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Silver Peak WAN Optimization Appliances Deliver Super-Fast Backups

Financial institution finds the secret to faster backups and recovery: WAN optimization appliances

For more than 60 years, this financial cooperative has served half a million members. Its success resides in offering great rates, low-to-no fees and delivering value to members, rather than outside shareholders. With success comes growth and with growth comes huge data volume. As a financial organization, its priorities are data compliancy and recovery matched by truly efficient management.

Working with MicroAge’s Chris Reinhard, the company’s senior network administrator had already streamlined infrastructure by moving to a virtualized environment; however, it became evident that a WAN optimization appliance was needed: as the system moved terabytes of banking information, backups literally took days. Backup and restoration times had to be improved with WAN (wide area network) acceleration and ensure complete failover and redundancy within the virtualized environment.

Chris says, “In an industry so closely regulated by governmental oversight—think the Sarbanes-Oxley Act—that requires highly secure and long term storage of customer data, it is essential for the system to be up 24×7, with failover and restoration achieved in a matter of minutes.”

After extensive research Chris determined that MicroAge partner Silver Peak offered an optimal, cost-effective solution. By installing Silver Peak’s NX WAN optimization appliances, the company improved WAN backup and restoration times by 60 percent, reducing a 14-hour process to a few hours. Installing the WAN optimization appliances in a hub-and-spoke configuration between the data center and main office ensured a highly secure, regulated environment that provided failover and restoration in minutes around the clock.

Silver Peak Vice President Tony Thompson says, “MicroAge is a valued partner that understands the unique differentiators Silver Peak brings to the market. Working together, our strong partnership has helped clients reduce their infrastructure costs while dramatically improving the performance of business-critical applications over long-distance WANs.”

For this financial services company, MicroAge’s strong relationships and the extent of those connections made a powerful difference; risk-averse and responsible for safeguarding customer data and funds, the client needed solution verification before placing it in an active production environment. Once again, MicroAge delivered not just the right product, but also peace of mind.

Whether you’re in need of a WAN optimization appliance, or any other IT solution, Chris is ready to help. Contact him directly at 480-366-2091 or

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