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Sizing Up IT Environments for Virtualization Simplified with Dell DPACK

As an IT manager, you have a certain Goldilocks quality about you. You don’t want too much storage or too little. The best way to optimize your resources is by sizing up your environment to determine the “just right” amount.

For a 100-employee lumber mill looking to upgrade its outdated hardware, the right amount was a question mark.

Cocktail napkin calculation

No more ‘back of the napkin’ guesswork: Dell DPACK made it easy for this client to size up their IT environment

That’s when MicroAge’s Rick Walsh recommended the Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) to the mill’s IT manager. Rick explains how the tool works: “You download a file and install it on your server, then input the IP addresses of your company’s other servers. DPACK monitors network activity over 24 hours or several days.”

A file is returned to Dell for analysis.

“We aggregate the performance data and make an educated decision on what they need for their environment,” explains Chris Floyd, a channel account manager for Dell. “They don’t under-buy or overbuy. They buy exactly what they need for their performance needs.”

The mill was ready to replace six eight-year-old servers. And the DPACK analysis showed they could be replaced with two servers and a SAN.   By sizing up their environment to determine the number of servers and the size of the SAN they needed, the client purchased two Dell PowerEdge R620 servers and a Dell EquaLogic PS4100E along with a Dell rack and switches. And they virtualized their environment with VMware vSphere Standard.

“Determining the storage you need is a science,” Rick says. “Especially when you’re upgrading from older equipment and virtualizing, it can be hard to know exactly what your environment requires. DPACK takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process so that you can have exactly what you need.”

Wondering how to go about sizing up your own server and SAN environment before virtualizing? Contact Rick Walsh today at or 480-366-2030.

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