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Steel Distributor Finds Ironclad WAN Optimization Solution

In good times and bad, steel stays strong. Despite recent economic fluctuations, demand for this client’s steel products has continued to grow. Running a diverse network with layers of complexity—from ERP systems to VoIP phones— the client requires that internal data traffic go through its data center to control transaction integrity. Plus, as a steel distributor, it’s in the business of managing the physical traffic of its products— sourcing and transporting them nationwide. Since steel distribution doesn’t take place in cities, but in remote areas that ship by rail, the existing WAN was challenged by limited data connections. Further, because multiple lines could not be combined, balancing data traffic was an issue.

Steel pipelines

MicroAge worked with FatPipe Networks to provide a steel distributor–with locations not served by T-1 lines–an effective WAN optimization solution

The CIO’s challenge? Accelerate applications and the overall environment while maintaining data security. MicroAge’s Chris Reinhard mined his various WAN acceleration resources, ultimately presenting an innovative solution from FatPipe Networks. As Chris says, “Not only was FatPipe’s expertise stellar, it was willing to customize its own firmware to support the unique client environment. Basically, we were accelerating an accelerator—the existing WAN. FatPipe adjusted its operating system to dovetail with it. And when you don’t have access to a T-1 line and must use DSL, you have to bind multiple data connections to accelerate traffic across to its destination. That’s what FatPipe did, which the client saw in a proof of concept prior to purchase.”

Once approved, FatPipe deployed the solution over a weekend, working through challenges 24×7 with speed and accuracy; the net result for all 200 users on Monday morning was uninterrupted functionality and connectivity—from ERP to Internet. “We really appreciate our alliance with MicroAge; together, we customized a powerful solution that met this client’s complex needs,” comments Jubal Bynoe, Account Manager for FatPipe Networks.

Chris agrees, “This solution also shows another value of MicroAge; for situations that need flexibility we can pre-qualify a partner to see if they will go the extra mile.” Going the extra mile here translated into a WAN optimization solution that conducts daily transactions with steely reliability.

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