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Testing Components Ensure Quality Dairy Products, User-Friendly Interface

Building sophisticated instruments designed to test the quality of dairy products and measure their elements is a complex task. Adding to the challenge is the need for a customer-friendly interface. That’s why one manufacturer called MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd.

Testing milk

The complex job of dairy quality testing is made easier with user-friendly IT components

“Their goal is to combine their proprietary and robust instrument design with standard computer electronics to achieve a user-friendly interface in the testing laboratory,” Hunter explains. “By using accessible components such as touch-screen technology, they are able to make their analysis equipment easy to use for their customers. And they rely on MicroAge for many of the components that go into their products.”

Working with the company’s owner, Hunter determined that Elo Touchscreen monitors and HP workstations were just what they needed for their products. MicroAge also frequently sources internal components including specialized video and sound cards.

“The key to this combination,” Hunter notes, “is that they need us to make sure all the specs of the products we sell them integrate well with their base unit.”

The client’s testing equipment is shipped all over the world, making it critical that the configuration performs well in the field without any problems.

“They have to know ahead of time that everything works,” Hunter says. “They can’t have one of the pieces break down and deal with the downtime and the cost of shipping a product back from Europe. Reliability matters.”

MicroAge’s ability to ensure that all these pieces work together with the client’s proprietary testing equipment has brought this client back time after time. In fact, Hunter has worked with the client to help them produce dozens of high-quality testing instruments over the past two years.

“Not everyone knows this, but we can also help clients find the raw materials for larger products,” Hunter adds. “And with our engineering support, our clients know they are getting the right solution.”

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