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The Need for Speed: Recreating a Data Center in Just Four Weeks

The Right Team Makes All the Difference

As businesses grow and expand, moving is often part of the process. For this major multinational corporation, moving one of its operations centers in the southwestern United States proved to be a significant challenge in terms of technology and time.

Chris Reinhard, MicroAge Solutions Expert, remembers the day he received a panicked call from the organization’s CTO: The building which housed their data center had just been sold without warning. The IT staff had only four weeks to vacate the building and transform an existing conference room in another building into a fully operational data center able to support 1,200 employees and complex manufacturing processes.

Given these stringent and urgent project requirements, the CTO asked Chris what might actually get accomplished in so short a time. “Moving their entire data center required moving their entire power grid and all fiber, punching down new cabinets and implementing a brand-new Emerson Liebert UPS system in three weeks… so of course, I said MicroAge could do it!” Chris recalls.

With no time to spare, Chris assessed the project scope, completed all the complexities of the quoting process, and provided detailed pricing in four days—from parts to installation services—literally right down to the nuts and bolts. Once approved, the project got under way, with Chris driving and managing all aspects to meet the client’s deadline. A built-to-order Emerson Network Power Liebert Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution was specified to support the data center, with Chris monitoring its progress on a daily basis. As the only vendor capable of meeting the time frame, Emerson began immediate construction of the large-scale, three-phase UPS solution.

Concurrently, Chris worked closely with the local municipality, utilities and telecommunications carriers to install new fiber under the street and new D-marks (local cable points for data access) to ensure data streams were fully functional and the center’s power grid was secured. Turning his attention to the new data center space, Chris called upon what he refers to as ‘A+ vendors,’ including a cabling contractor who dropped everything to get the job done in one week. Chris managed the transportation and installation of the new UPS system, existing company SANs and servers, and ensured all racking, cooling and electrical was in place, ultimately completing the project a week earlier than anticipated. Further, this was accomplished under extreme security scrutiny; the client’s manufacturing process includes the use of precious metals, which dictates rigorous security clearances and checks to ensure inventory integrity.

Overall, it is fair to say that the client was astounded at the efficiency and accuracy of the solution and impressed at the absolute value provided by MicroAge!  As Chris says, “This is what is so great about MicroAge; because we have the freedom to go outside of predictable channels and get the job done, the client benefits from our agility and delivery, even in the most compressed circumstances.”

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