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Unitrends Backup and Recovery Solutions Keep Businesses Running

Realizing that you don’t have a data backup or disaster recovery (DR) solution is stressful. But so is the thought of researching solutions — and finding money in the budget.

MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd recently counseled two clients with similar DR and data backup needs. The first, a power company, wanted to make sure they could preserve customer data in the event of a disaster. The second, a semiconductor manufacturer, was seeking a data backup and DR solution so they wouldn’t lose their manufacturing and process data.

“Getting their data back would’ve been possible, but it would’ve taken forever,” Hunter notes. “And that has a business risk — it means delays, which result in lost time, lost money and unhappy customers.”

Both clients knew the importance of a backup and DR solution, but they were concerned about cost and making sure they were choosing the right solution for them.

Hunter introduced them to Unitrends.

Unitrends is a “one-stop shop,” says Mark Bloom, Sales Channel Manager for Unitrends. With both hardware and software, Unitrends’ solutions can be physical or virtual, in the cloud (using a third-party or Unitrends’ own data center) or on premise.

“So a client doesn’t have to utilize multiple vendors to accomplish one goal,” Mark notes.

The Unitrends user interface was another major selling point for Hunter’s clients.

“The interface is simple to use, self-explanatory and easy to maneuver around,” Mark says. “It gives an organization a sense of relief when they realize they don’t have to use a lot of resources to learn how to use it. And if someone leaves the organization and a new person comes in, there’s not a huge learning curve.”

Unitrends demonstrated the interface to Hunter’s clients, which helped put them at ease.

“Unitrends does a great job demonstrating exactly what the client experience will be like once they purchase and deploy the solution,” Hunter adds.

And with Unitrends’ 30-day try-and-buy program, there’s little risk.

“It’s worriless,” Hunter says. “The installation is free, they have U.S.-based support to walk them through the deployment. And they have 30 days to try it.”

If the solution doesn’t deliver as promised in the agreement, the client can send it back. But both of Hunter’s clients were happy to keep their Unitrends appliances.

The power company opted for Unitrends’ Recovery-Series 604 with three years of premium support, while the semiconductor manufacturer went with a bundle that included Unitrends’ Recovery-Series 814S, plus three years of premium support and 1 TB of Forever Cloud replication.

“Unitrends offers enterprises a good value — an affordable backup and DR solution with an interface that’s easy to use,” Hunter says. Plus, for organizations that need the option, a lease can help make paying for the solution less stressful as well.

“We’ve had really good results with these clients so far,” Hunter says. “They haven’t had any issues.”

Trying to find the right backup and disaster recovery solution for your organization? Give Hunter Boyd a call to talk about your needs. Reach him at 480-366-2054 or

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