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Upgraded Telecom System with Polycom, Cisco Saves Nonprofit Thousands

Sure, you need your organization’s phone system to work well—after all, telecommunications is an important part of your business—but an upgraded telecom system shouldn’t break the bank.

That’s why MicroAge’s Adam Rankin and Rob Boring are here. When they spoke with the IT director of a 50-employee nonprofit performing arts organization, they learned the client was spending about $6,100 a month on its hosted phone system and Internet. And even with that financial outlay, the IT director wasn’t happy with the service his organization was receiving—joking that people sounded like the Transformer character Megatron on the phone.

Confident they could do better, Adam and Rob reached out to one of MicroAge’s telecom partners, which helped them identify a reliable managed service provider in the area.

“We provided an upgraded telecom system, taking the client from a 4 MB connection to a 100 MB connection and got them all new hardware for the phone system and other managed systems,” Adam says. “And we did it while dropping their monthly payment to $4,600 per month.”

Adam and Rob and the MicroAge telecom partner even worked with the local phone company to fix a conduit affecting the organization’s phone service so that the client didn’t have to pay for the repair, Rob adds.

The upgraded telecom system included nearly 50 Polycom VVX 410 12-Line Business Media phones, a Cisco router and Cisco 2960 switches.

“Instead of forcing them to buy the hardware outright, we built the costs into the monthly fee,” Rob explains. “They’re leasing now, but they’ll own the hardware outright after a period of time.”

The MicroAge telecom team negotiated with several telecommunications carriers to secure the best price and customer service — the nonprofit’s main concerns.

“At MicroAge we’re not beholden to any one carrier. The philosophy is to treat each client as if they were a family member,” Adam says. “The net result was a 3,000 percent increase in bandwidth as well as calling capabilities and a near 20 percent monthly savings!”

Now the IT director is very happy with his upgraded telecom system, Adam and Rob say.

“The end goal was to make their monthly payment lower,” Adam says. “We did that. And at the same time, we gave them a much, much faster system and a more reliable provider.”

If you’re considering an upgrade to your telecommunications systems, let MicroAge help. Contact Adam at 480-366-2023 or or Rob at 480-366-2092 or

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