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Video Surveillance Solution Puts a Stop to School Bullying

Stopping a bully no longer means having a fist fight after school and moving on. Today, bullying undermines victims with relentless cruelty that often leads to tragic consequences…but not if Kevin Kotecki can help it. When he got the call from a school that needed a solution to stop severe bullying, he acted. “The harassment was so bad that we had to act fast to catch the perpetrator and keep the victim from doing anything drastic,” recalls Kevin.

TRENDnet SecurView PoE Internet Camera

The TRENDnet SecurView PoE Internet Camera allows video surveillance and management from any Internet connection

The administration needed a two-part solution: it needed video surveillance to visually monitor the victim’s locker to identify the bully or bullies, and then required hidden cameras to observe behaviors school-wide where other bullying incidents occurred. Kevin recommended TRENDnet’s SecurView Dome Internet Camera; a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) camera that shipped overnight for next-day installation. This was particularly impressive since Kevin received the call late in the day, but because he sourced the device on the West Coast, shipped it within 24 hours.

The expandable PoE technology easily integrated with the school’s existing infrastructure to provide constant monitoring—a critical element in identifying the perpetrator(s). “We were able to work quickly with Kevin to identify and ship the right solution from our broad PoE Camera product portfolio,” says Donna De Soto, TRENDnet Sr. Channel Account Manager. “We were excited that our product helped eliminate the bullying issue.” Kevin agrees, “It was a fast solution that worked: The kids can see the camera over the locker and ever since installation, the harassment has stopped.”

The second part of the solution, to install hidden cameras throughout the facilities, was a little different. Working within narrow time constraints, Kevin found exactly what the client wanted—covert cameras that could be discreetly embedded in ceiling smoke detectors and sprinklers—but had to reach out to the manufacturer and establish it as a MicroAge partner that same day. “Here’s where MicroAge really shines,” he says, “We can quickly set up reliable vendors with great solutions that cater to individual clients…it’s a huge value-add to have the ability to cut through red tape and get the job done.” As a result of this quick action, in just 24 hours, every student got the message: Zero tolerance for bullies.

Kevin can find the right technology to solve your problems, too. Just call or email him at 480-366-2058, or

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