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Virtualization Can Generate Long-Term Savings, Avoid Short-Term Spends

IT directors have plans. They have visions for the future of their departments — the equipment, space and budget they’ll need in five or even 10 years. As a financial software services firm recently learned, having an information technology partner that also understands long-term planning can help companies accomplish their goals and maybe even save them money.

When the company’s IT project manager called MicroAge solutions expert Jason Goff, he was looking for rack-mounted servers and specific processors. Jason was happy to find the requested products, but he also knew he might be able to help the company even more.

That’s when he asked about the company’s intended use for the servers and the project manager’s long-term plan. The company was planning to virtualize with VMware. Jason knew the benefits of virtualization — energy savings, reduced storage needs and reduced costs over the long term.

“The virtualization project was set to start just one or two months later,” Jason says. “If they had gone forward with their intended purchase, they would have been satisfying a short-term need, but they also would have been spending money on products they wouldn’t be able to use after they went virtual.”

Jason urged the 300-plus-user company to consider its long-term goal and invest in virtualization now. He helped the company secure multiple IBM BladeCenter® HS22 blade servers with Intel processors, which qualified them for a free E chassis from IBM.

“So, now, when they’re ready to embark on their virtualization project, the hardware is in place,” Jason says. “And it’s scalable — as the company’s needs change, more blades and chassis can easily be added.”

And financially, it made sense for the client. Instead of spending about $17,000 on products they wouldn’t be able to use in just two months, they invested $21,000 in products that can be a part of their virtualization objective and long-term IT goals.

“In the long run, I helped the client save money,” Jason says. “And I hope to help them continue to achieve their virtualization and other IT goals for years to come.”

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