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VMware SRM Means Fast, Accurate DR, Replication for Global Freight Firm

For this global freight logistics company, ensuring data integrity is a central priority. With its worldwide presence, it is vital to not only have a disaster recovery solution in place, but also to ensure that it can rapidly respond, anywhere at any time.

Several years ago, the company’s data center architect replaced 80 percent of physical servers in a virtualized migration. So already operating a highly virtualized environment, the company sought to implement a complementary virtualized data recovery solution. As their network architect states, “Our goal was to simplify disaster recovery using virtualization…our existing procedures meant every application was recovered separately and testing took days to complete. It was complicated and error-prone.”

As a long-time VMware user, the client considered VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for disaster recovery. However, MicroAge’s solutions engineers were called on to discuss other solutions as well for due diligence. SRM’s advanced capabilities including replication, disaster recovery management, non-disruptive testing, automated failover and failback, and planned migration made the most sense for this client.

MicroAge’s Martha Banister has worked with both the client and VMware for some time; she coordinated a conference call with VMware engineers and the client to explore exactly how SRM could meet the objectives. Martha recalls, “The call resulted in VMware providing a 14-day lab, or hands-on trial. Once the client experienced SRM, the value was indeed obvious.” With SRM, almost any server could be recovered automatically at other locations. This was true for stand-alone servers as well as multi-tiered applications. What used to take days now takes minutes.

At Martha’s suggestion, the client purchased training with the SRM licensing; it was an investment that proved invaluable. “Within a few days of taking the class, I had SRM up and running, replicating from machine to machine,” the network architect stated.

In addition to internal time savings, the client also realized savings both in external consultant time and cost. Because of SRM’s cloning capability, there was no need for external build-out testing, thus saving the company weeks of consulting time and three times the cost of the SRM investment on this first project. “If you’re already invested in VMware,” the client noted, “you can’t lose with this product!”

Transparent to individual applications, SRM is a useful tool for temporary or permanent migration from machine to machine or even for cloud migration. Currently, the client has three distinct sites—development, production and disaster recovery—across which SRM can easily facilitate data migration in the wide area network (WAN). And volume is not a challenge for SRM: The company logs about one terabyte of storage across its application servers, all readily managed by SRM. As Martha’s colleague, Daniel Archer, says, “The SRM solution is equally effective in both array-based and its own replication. As a single solution residing on the client’s system, it is error-free and efficiently manages all applications.”

Fast, accurate and cost effective, SRM has proved to be a great asset for this client. Given the complexity of its international profile and attendant infrastructure, by migrating to a virtualized environment and incorporating SRM, the company has streamlined and secured safe passage for all its operations.

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