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Want to Avoid Monthly Telecommunications Sticker Shock?

No one likes getting the phone bill. And when that bill covers 40,000 to 50,000 minutes per month of national and international calls, plus hours of online meeting time, there’s not much to like at all. For this multinational real-estate company with numerous locations in the United States, monthly telecommunications costs have been staggering. Coupled with poor service and unresponsive support from its supplier, the situation was becoming untenable.

Monthly telecommunications bill

No more sticker shock: MicroAge’s solution reduced call rates by 50 percent and WebEx rates by 25 percent to provide a measurable return on investment

Fortunately, all the client’s IT Director had to do was place one call to MicroAge’s Chris Pirwitz, who immediately researched and developed a functional, affordable alternative. With a full complement of conference calling and Cisco WebEx online meeting services, MicroAge’s solution reduced call rates by 50 percent and WebEx rates by 25 percent to provide a measurable return on investment. “Companies just get killed on conference call rates and don’t know that there are more cost-effective solutions out there; it’s really great to be able help this client realize nearly immediate savings with increased quality,” says Chris.

Beyond cost savings, the new solution’s service and support were vast improvements over the previous model. And after a successful trial period, the client was so pleased with all the user-friendly features that implementation immediately got under way. Portal service was quickly set up and now provides real internal control: the client can readily add, delete, or edit users as changes occur to set up conference bridges without delays or excessive paperwork. Rolling out in phases, the solution is already widely accepted across the company as it delivers conference calling and WebEx meetings without complications and at significantly reduced cost.

It’s just another way MicroAge flexibly responds to client needs; regardless of the technology or equipment, MicroAge has the agility and capability to deliver viable outcomes. For this client, taming its telecommunications bill also included boosting overall performance in a seamless solution. Contacting MicroAge was the right call!

If your phone bill is giving you headaches, Chris Pirwitz has a remedy for you, too. Give him a call (or email) at 480-366-2097 or

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