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Websense Web Security Software Protects Against Malware, Sketchy Sites

If only purchasing and renewing software for your organization was as simple as buying a disk or clicking “download.” Instead, you have to stay on top of the license management, which can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. For one corporate litigation firm, finding the right reseller to manage the company’s software licenses and renewals took time.

It was critical for them to ensure that their licenses didn’t lapse. One product of particular interest to the firm was Websense, a web security software solution that was due for renewal

They turned to MicroAge’s Rick Trujillo for help and he made the process a breeze.

“Your employees need access to the web, but how do you prevent malicious activity? Websense web security software is critical in these situations because it helps you find a balance,” Rick says. “For example, for this law firm, sometimes employees need access to some questionable sites. They need to be allowed to go to these sites, and the company needs to be protected at the same time.”

Websense web security software, he adds, allows IT staff the visibility and reporting needed to track and manage the network traffic. In turn, staff attorneys and IT personnel alike are able to maximize their efficiency while keeping the firm secure.

“Because we are such a flat, streamlined organization, it was easy to get the data and reporting necessary to provide them with all the information they needed,” Rick explains. “We were able to cover all lines of business and all software manufacturers.”

Rick was able to provide the client with quotes for both single- and multi-year renewal options.

“We were able to give them a cost forecast they were never able to get before,” Rick says. “With most resellers, if you ask for a quote for a renewal, you’ll get a quote for one year. We shared the multi-year option along with a special promotion that Websense was offering.”

The promotion gave the client an option to pay for two years and get the third year free — saving the client more than $35,000 in the long term.

And that has opened the door for the client to work with Rick on other projects as well. “Clients appreciate that information and transparency,” Rick says. “We don’t just take orders; we really focus on helping our clients resolve their pain points and save money.”

If you need help managing software subscriptions, Rick Trujillo can help save you time and money. Contact him at or 480-366-2149.

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