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Wi-Fi Solution has ‘Hive’ Architecture for Efficiency and Scalability

A Wireless Solution Built to Last

Construction involves managing complex projects and close coordination of many moving parts. It is vital that a company’s network reliably supports every project at every job site with speed and accuracy. Recently, this well-known construction company approached MicroAge for guidance concerning wireless networking. The company had a wireless network in place, but it was approaching obsolescence and its performance was inefficient.

Specifically, there were two main issues: (1) When installing trailers at new job sites, staff had to manually configure the access points at each site, requiring costly allocation of resources and (2) the aging wireless access points didn’t take advantage of higher speed technologies now available, creating user frustration. MicroAge’s Rick Walsh explored possible solutions, including deploying a wireless LAN controller which would enable remote administration of the access points. However, two major drawbacks existed with this approach: even though the controller would allow for remote administration, a technician would still be required to initially install and configure the access points out in the field. Additionally, the cost of the controller was over $20,000—way over budget.

Rick then did some research and found a hybrid solution manufactured by Aerohive Networks. Aerohive produces wireless access points that have a wireless controller embedded within them. This onboard controller makes remote configuration of the access points possible, eliminating the cost, time, and travel previously required with access point deployments. A non-technical person can physically install the access point and plug in a network cable. IT staff can then remotely configure and control it from the data center without the cost associated with an expensive LAN controller.

As Rick comments, “I found a great fit with Aerohive Networks’ HiveAP 120. It provides my clients the power and control previously offered to only those who could afford an expensive LAN controller. This is a great solution for budget-conscious companies who have multiple locations that require wireless connectivity, especially when the locations don’t have dedicated IT staff.”

With no configuration costs, no delays in setting up a network, and no allocation of in-house staff to coordinate the effort, the HiveAP 120 also provided measurable ROI savings. The HiveAP 120’s value was recognized by the client, who immediately ordered 13 access points for various job sites and remote offices. Today, it continues to order new access points as new projects get underway. By taking the time to best meet this client’s needs, MicroAge helped ‘build’ a lasting, agile and cost-effective solution.

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