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With Cisco Network Upgrade, Processes Go From Hours to Seconds

When your business develops clean-air combustion systems for industries ranging from oil and gas to paper production, the last thing you need is for your network to blow up. For this company, recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized solutions, network stability, capacity and functionality are central to operations. Large CAD (computer aided design) files and other data are stored on it; daily and operational data reside on the network as well, so delaying a network upgrade is not wise.

With its network structure maxing out at 1 gigabyte, it was clear to the company’s global IT leader that a network upgrade was imperative. He turned to MicroAge and Michael Zitar to design a solution with optimal longevity and capability to meet both short- and long-term needs. Michael collaborated with in-house network design experts at MicroAge to ensure the network upgrade solution was accurately tailored to the client’s needs. “While partnering with Cisco, I consulted closely with my colleague Vicki Chacon, who holds Cisco certifications, to get her expert design assistance,” says Michael.

The results of this collaboration were impressive: Vicki designed a powerful, consolidated network upgrade solution that expanded the client’s network capacity to 10 gigabytes. Housed in a sturdy Cisco Catalyst 4500 chassis, the series of Cisco network switches immediately and dramatically changed the network landscape—processes that formerly took hours now take mere seconds, those that took minutes are now virtually instantaneous.

Almost immediate results include design engineers accessing large CAD files to run complex models much faster; proprietary company software that examines “what/if” scenarios at impressive speeds, and the company’s overall sales process has been significantly shortened.

Client feedback has been very positive: the network has been transformed from a fragmented structure to a uniform, tailored solution. Again, Michael says, “Vicki and I worked together to ensure that the network upgrade solution provides everything the client needs, and nothing it doesn’t. It’s just part of how we back our clients.”

Find out how we can back you up: contact Michael Zitar at or 480-366-2120.

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