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Working with DSLAM Provider Opens the Door to Better Pricing for Client

For a global supplier of set-top boxes, DSL modems and cables, ensuring high-quality products is critical. MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe not only helped this client procure essential hardware for testing and quality assurance, but he delivered it at a significantly lower price than the client had previously paid.

Networking and broadbandWhen the client establishes its testing facilities, part of what’s required is being able to create a test signal from a standard telephone line to test the company’s products.

“They need to be able to produce that test signal in a lab—and to be able to test a number of products simultaneously,” Barrett explains. This requires a DSLAM, or digital subscriber line access multiplexer.

Barrett’s contact, the test lab and data center manager, wanted an Alcatel-Lucent DSLAM platform.

“My client gave me their previous pricing,” he adds. “I could see they were paying retail and was confident we could do better. I contacted the vendor and worked with them to secure special pricing on the units.”

When Barrett sent the quote to his client, his contact was surprised by how much money Barrett saved their company.

“We leverage the fact that I can shop it,” Barrett says. “Because reseller rates were available, we could save them a considerable amount over what they had paid previously.”

And in this (and any) economy, having an IT partner that understands your bottom line—and can help you achieve both your financial and IT goals—is vital.

To learn how MicroAge can save you money, contact Barrett at 480-366-2032 or

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