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FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multiple patents holders of technology that provides the highest levels of optimization, reliability, security and acceleration of Wide Area Networks (WANs). FatPipe is the world’s most innovative creator of WAN redundancy technology, router clustering, which affords companies automatic and dynamic failover of a downed data line connection due to a WAN component or service failure.

FatPipe’s line of products cover an array of features and benefits for companies that run mission critical applications over any type of WAN infrastructure. Customer benefits include up to seven-nines of WAN redundancy, reliability, and speed. Dynamic load balancing, Quality of Service (QoS), and additional security; as well as compression, and VPN encryption capability are also available.

FatPipe’s customer profiles are extremely diverse ranging from multinational corporations to medium and small sized companies. Companies worldwide deploy FatPipe appliances to help create robust and stable WAN infrastructures so they can transmit data accurately, efficiently and securely. All major industry types use FatPipe products including law firms, financial and medical institutions; local, state and federal government entities; military institutions, municipalities, utilities and educational facilities. In fact, FatPipe products are deployed at 16 of the top 100 hotels in the US and are used by 13 of the top 100 law firms.

We really appreciate our alliance with MicroAge; together, we customize powerful solutions that meet clients’ complex needs.

– Jubal Bynoe, Account Manager for FatPipe Networks

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