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PCM for the Modern Project-Driven Enterprise

Founded in 1989, Hard Dollar Corporation is the creator of Project Cost Management (PCM) for owners, EPCMs, and contractors. Hard Dollar’s Modern Project-Driven Enterprise software centralizes project cost and productivity data including, takeoff, estimate, schedule, progress measurement, and ERP. Our customers have constructed over $1 trillion in capital projects. HD PCM is sold and implemented by partners around the globe.

Hard Dollar: A Western Tale

At Hard Dollar, the western spirit is as strong as ever; it defines every aspect of our company. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hard Dollar naturally embodies the essence of the West.

It all started back in 1989 when a group of construction industry leaders united with a common vision – an idea to improve estimating and to fix the project-control market space. It was through their courage and innovative drive that Hard Dollar was born. Like the pioneers, miners, and cowboys who found the ambition to build the West, Hard Dollar continues that bold mentality with the development of new technology that has both defined and revolutionized Project Cost Management.

While the West was not constructed overnight, collaboration and ingenuity were key factors that laid the foundation. The same is true for Project Cost Management. Without the fearless effort to push boundaries, Hard Dollar would not be able to defy the hurdles and challenges in today’s market.

This concept has evolved as our standard business practice and the reason we stay loyal to the Hard Dollar Code of the West, the list of values and ideals that drive our success every day.

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