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SMART is defined by innovation and the company’s desire to improve the way the world works and learns. Teachers, students and business people say that SMART has helped them discover new ideas, new ways of learning and new ways of collaborating. The easy-to-use interactive displays and integrated solutions are crucial to classrooms and meeting rooms around the world.

SMART Technologies created the world’s first interactive whiteboard in 1991, and it remain the world’s leading provider of interactive whiteboards.* Incorporated in 1987, SMART has been committed to innovation and excellence for more than 25 years.

It is those core values that have resonated with the education, higher education, business, government and military communities. More than two million SMART Board interactive whiteboards are used by over 40 million students and their teachers, and SMART products are used in more than 175 countries.

SMART Technologies’ global success with educators stems from the results they achieve with SMART products, which are known to support student-centered learning. The company’s Freestorm visual collaboration solutions help business teams increase innovation and boost productivity by working together without the restrictions of traditional tools or distance.

While SMART’s product offering started with the interactive whiteboard, it has significantly evolved to include interactive flat panels, interactive tables, interactive pen displays, student response systems, wireless slates, audio enhancement systems, document cameras, conferencing software, a full line of interactive learning software and more. Beyond products, SMART provides the support, integration and services needed to ensure customers can use their solutions to their full potential.

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