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VMware NSX

Prevent East-West Threats from Destroying Your Network

With traditional data center security, just one lone-wolf virus can penetrate your perimeter and laterally attack your data center, picking off workloads, applications, databases and more.

VMware NSX enables automated, fine-grained policies tied to the virtual machines. It then secures the perimeter, then immediately enables micro-segmentation to seal off individual workloads and stop lateral threats from destroying your networks.

  • Secure individual workloads with micro-segmentation
  • Stop East‑West threats from destroying your network
  • Integrates with industry-leading security solutions

NSX brings a software-defined approach to network security, embedding security functions right into the hypervisor where they can be deployed to fight against cyberattacks.

  • Distributed stateful firewalling embedded in the hypervisor kernel
  • Up to 20 Gbps of firewall capacity per hypervisor host
  • Security policies travel with the workloads, no matter where they are


Download our 'Driving Success in a Virtualized World' whitepaper to learn more.

MicroAge + VMware: Helping to Patrol Your Data Center

MicroAge can help you make micro-segmentation feasible, affordable and efficient. Not only are we a VMware Premier Partner, our sales and technical consultants total more than 200 VMware certifications alone and average 13 years of experience each. That makes us uniquely qualified to create the right security solution for you.

To meet your unique requirements, MicroAge solution consultants are empowered to go the extra mile for you—and with you—giving you agility not found with larger resellers. In fact, our solution consultants often follow customers as they transition to new jobs, making them highly portable!

Head Off an Attack with NSX

Check out this brief video which helps to outline the issue with traditional data center security and how virtualizing your network with VMware NSX is a more feasible, affordable, and efficient solution.

Learn more about VMware NSX from MicroAge!

Why Micro-segmentation? Enabling a “Zero Trust” Security Posture

Traditional data security has focused on keeping threats outside the perimeter with access controlled by a firewall. But today, your network has literally become a soft target for increasingly sophisticated attacks that—after they’ve kicked down the door—can literally board East‑West traffic and mow down your network.

Until now, micro-segmentation has been cost-prohibitive and operationally unfeasible in a physical network. But with network virtualization technology, micro-segmentation provides fine-grained network controls that enable unit-level trust, so that flexible security policies can be applied all the way down to a network interface.

Download Micro-segmentation for Dummies now to get a broad overview of micro-segmentation in the data center.


Choose the VMware NSX edition that best fits your network virtualization requirements:

  • Standard – Agility + network automation
  • Advanced – Agility + network automation + micro-segmentation
  • Enterprise – Agility + network automation + micro-segmentation + networking and security across multiple domains 


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