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VeloCloud SD-WAN Freezes Network Outages for HVAC Client

VeloCloud SD-WAN
A network outage brings business to a screeching halt, especially when there’s no resiliency to help a company prevent losing access to critical apps. Fortunately, such outages are history for a national commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) provider; MicroAge devised a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that eliminated downtime. The VeloCloud SD-WAN…Read More

Firm Dials Into the Benefits of a ShoreTel Hosted Phone System

If employees worked at their desks all day long—never going to meetings or leaving the office—you would have certain expectations for your phone system. But when you consider the way your employees actually work and use their office phones, your criteria change. For a 150-user architecture and engineering firm, it was time to retire a…Read More

Nimble SAN for Virtual Environment Supports Massive Storage Needs

Architectural Firm Solves Data Storage Needs with SAN for Virtual Environment. Although a building is built brick by brick, it begins with plans, renderings and 3D models—high-intensive graphic files that architects need to access or modify quickly throughout a project’s duration. When a firm has a lot of power users, it requires the best equipment…Read More

Unified Communications: Lowering Phone Bill Allows for New VoIP System

Good Call: Telecom analysis uncovers savings, letting business upgrade to a unified communications VoIP solution. If you’re like a lot of IT leaders, you spend a lot of time and money on your company’s data—computers, data centers, networks and so on. Often overlooked is voice—or unified communications. For companies with employees who work off-site, from…Read More

Riverbed WAN Optimization Speeds Up Large File Access

Supporting the nation’s major telecommunications carriers is a major undertaking. Working from its headquarters and eight remote sites, this client specializes in cell tower design, architecture and construction across the United States. In the field, its architects rely on the transfer, download and use of data files to complete their projects. But the files are…Read More

A Move to Efficiency: Migrating Dozens of Sites to One Operating System

Acquisitions, mergers, different IT leaders over the years…take these factors over time and a company’s information technology environment can start to run amok with multiple platforms. For a West Coast environmental engineering firm with three different operating systems in its environment, it was time to get everyone on the same page. That’s when the IT…Read More

SAN Offers Design Firm Efficiency with Virtualization-Friendly Features

For many companies, the past few years have been a fight to hold on to customers and market share. As the economy slowly improves, it’s good news for companies that are ready to grow again. For an architectural design firm with more than 10 domestic and international offices, growth is in the cards, and that…Read More

Data Center-in-a-Box Provides Secure, Simple Data Migration

For IT and operations leaders, a company’s growth can bring great challenges. For one multibillion-dollar corporation, the growth strategy has involved acquiring other, smaller businesses to bring needed assets and skills into the company. A consistent challenge is data migration following an acquisition. “For business continuity and because of cost considerations, the company has elected…Read More

Wi-Fi Solution has ‘Hive’ Architecture for Efficiency and Scalability

A Wireless Solution Built to Last Construction involves managing complex projects and close coordination of many moving parts. It is vital that a company’s network reliably supports every project at every job site with speed and accuracy. Recently, this well-known construction company approached MicroAge for guidance concerning wireless networking. The company had a wireless network…Read More

Engineering Firm Relies on MicroAge for Complete Data Center Refresh

Building Confidence Over time, civil engineering fully encompasses communities—from constructing roads to homes, public venues to office buildings—its long-term impact reverberates in numerous ways. For this established civil engineering firm in the western United States, maintaining uncompromising project quality is integral to its ongoing success. Network security, storage, data archiving, and disaster recovery are equally…Read More