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MicroAge Names Dell EMC an Outstanding Partner

MicroAge named Dell EMC an Outstanding Partner for 2016 at its annual awards dinner on Saturday, February 11, 2017, at the Arizona Biltmore. Amanda Woody, MicroAge’s director of partner relations and marketing, presented the award, which recognizes supplier partners that demonstrate exceptional commitment to working with MicroAge to deliver innovative IT solutions to the clients…Read More

Building an Always-Up Tech Infrastructure for Arctic Circle Hospital

In some ways, it’s a problem you’d love to have: a large budget and the ability to start from scratch on your IT for a brand-new building. Design your own data center, buy new equipment, don’t skimp. For some IT directors, it’s a dream project, but the thought of dealing with all those vendors is…Read More

Media Firm Gets High-End Custom Workstation with Fast, Easy Deployment

Producing high-quality media content requires tremendous processing power and memory. When a New York- and Hollywood-based television and film company needed a standardized workstation platform to meet its content editors’ media needs, it turned to MicroAge for help. The client had very specific—and very ambitious—video editing needs. MicroAge’s Daniel Archer and Sue Spinnato found a…Read More

Tackling Overdue Data Center Refresh in Three Steps with Dell, VMware

With the uncertain economy of the past few years many companies have put IT investment on hold. Before you know it, years have passed since your last scheduled data center refresh. Now you have no choice but to upgrade... but where do you begin? Sound familiar? This was the reality facing the IT team for…Read More

Gaming Vendor Certificate Makes MicroAge a Winning Bet for Casino

When you’re opening a new business, you don’t want to take a gamble on your vendors. This is especially true when that business is a casino. Because of the vulnerabilities that go along with a casino's cash-rich environment, vendors wishing to do business with an Arizona casino must obtain a Gaming Vendor Certificate from the…Read More

Big Data Infrastructure: Dell, VMware Solution Handles Exponential Growth

When customers talk—especially when they complain—you listen. So, when the network manager and regional CIO of a medical data company managing big data recently heard from customers that its system was too slow, they knew they had to take action to upgrade their big data infrastructure to maintain their existing customer base. And their big…Read More

How a Retail Chain Simplified IT Procurement

Opening a retail store isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, and IT is just one piece of the complex puzzle. To uncomplicate the IT procurement piece of that puzzle, a mid-market farming and ranching retail chain reached out to MicroAge's Mike LaPorta for support. Mike started with a site visit to understand…Read More

IT Infrastructure Overhaul with Dell and VMware

From my point of view, trying to keep outdated infrastructure going with Band-Aid fixes just doesn’t work. There comes a point in any company’s IT system where adding one more element just to keep it going is one step too far. One of my clients was recently faced with this reality. The client, a global…Read More

Dell Networking Solution Lets Fast-Growing Pediatric Practice Keep Up

With four busy locations and 20+ physicians, this pediatric practice sees its share of skinned knees and other boo-boos. Focused on providing excellent, kid-friendly medical services, the practice has grown as fast as its patients, but its network just wasn’t keeping up. Between the sheer numbers of patient records, the electronic medical record mandate, and…Read More

Virtualizing a Disaster Recovery Site

When it was time for a multinational instrumentation company to modernize their environment and virtualize their disaster recovery site, they called HP — and HP referred them to MicroAge. “That’s because we’re certified in HP enterprise, servers, storage and networking,” explains MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd. “HP will often refer a client to a partner like us…Read More