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Dell Compellent SAN Provides Efficient Tiered Storage Solution

As your company grows, it’s your job to make sure the organization’s IT infrastructure can handle the growth. For an outsourcing and IT company with an increasing number of clients and projects in the pipeline, its data was surpassing its storage capabilities. The IT director had worked with MicroAge’s John LoJudice on previous projects and…Read More

Giving Back to Pay It Forward: IT Upgrade Transforms U of A MIS Lab

The concept of ‘paying it forward,’ popularized by a book and movie with the same title, can be transformative. For the University of Arizona Management Information Services (MIS) department, a gift by MicroAge founder Jeff McKeever is doing just that— transforming a dated computer lab by upgrading everything, from technology to furnishings. The McClelland Hall…Read More

Sizing Up IT Environments for Virtualization Simplified with Dell DPACK

As an IT manager, you have a certain Goldilocks quality about you. You don’t want too much storage or too little. The best way to optimize your resources is by sizing up your environment to determine the “just right” amount. For a 100-employee lumber mill looking to upgrade its outdated hardware, the right amount was…Read More

SAN Offers Design Firm Efficiency with Virtualization-Friendly Features

For many companies, the past few years have been a fight to hold on to customers and market share. As the economy slowly improves, it’s good news for companies that are ready to grow again. For an architectural design firm with more than 10 domestic and international offices, growth is in the cards, and that…Read More

Designing a Data Center for a Start-Up

Entrepreneurial vision is the key ingredient in driving innovation across all industries. The medical field is no exception; for this start-up marketing company, the very first step was to design a basic, yet robust, data center to support current and future operations. The client contacted MicroAge to plan and implement a solution to address all requirements—from…Read More

Health Care Provider Meets Federal Mandates While Maximizing IT Budget

EHR/EMR and Virtualization As the year 2015 approaches, medical practices nationwide must be ready to meet the mandated EHR/EMR (electronic health record/electronic medical record) requirements of the federal government or likely face penalties. For this health care provider, encompassing five freestanding clinics, it was imperative to implement the appropriate infrastructure to support high-volume EHR/EMR files in the…Read More

Data Center-in-a-Box Provides Secure, Simple Data Migration

For IT and operations leaders, a company’s growth can bring great challenges. For one multibillion-dollar corporation, the growth strategy has involved acquiring other, smaller businesses to bring needed assets and skills into the company. A consistent challenge is data migration following an acquisition. “For business continuity and because of cost considerations, the company has elected…Read More

Data Center Refresh for Technology-Driven Business

As an industry leader in online incentive management software tools and services worldwide, this client firm manages hundreds of incentive-based Websites for customers that include members of the Fortune 500. As a technology-driven business, it is mission-critical that the client’s own infrastructure performs at optimal functionality without the potential for disruption. Cognizant of the importance…Read More

Security Solutions for Critical Energy Industry IT and Infrastructure

Protecting the Grid: MicroAge's Energy and Expertise Helps Fend Off Threats For decades, the security of virtually all providers in the energy industry—from power generators to oil refineries—and their process control systems was considered immune to attack. Operating under the assumption that these types of internal networks were closed, most facilities presumed their critical infrastructure…Read More

How an International Outsourcing Company Improved IT Efficiency

Virtualization is the New Reality Providing a range of business services ranging from HR outsourcing and finance to IT outsourcing and customer service call centers, this Fortune 500 client company has thousands of employees and a significant national and international presence. It also operates data centers in the western United States that employ approximately 2,000 people, and…Read More